Modern Story Telling


The glimpse inside your life. One day. Beautiful Moments. The intimate moments, candid and genuine. Funny and busy, sometimes trying. But always


What don’t you want to forget 20 years from now?

I don’t want to forget how my four children sit in the living room together binge reading for hours. I don’t want to forget how my youngest climbs on my ever so patient and loving oldest son while they enjoy the sunday funnies together. I don’t want to forget french toast breakfasts with backyard raspberries and hysterical 6 instrument musical jam sessions; even if they are out of tune.  I don’t want to forget handholding, tickle fights, & mud wallowing.  I don’t want to forget the spark in each of their eyes, for family, adventure learning, & LIFE.

This is your story.

The only one. And the best story there IS.


3 hour session. 20 page Linen or Leather Wrap Keepsake Album.

Investment-Session & Album starting at $650

Modern Story Digital Files available. Be in touch.

December thru March 2018. Digital upgrade $350.

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