Hi Megan!


Megan, I wanted to let you know that I offer a beautiful custom registry page. People that love and support you also want to gift you something meaningful. Let them. This is an opportunity allow family and friends to contribute to your gift registry of the First Embrace Photography Birth Story. I noticed you have 100ish people invited to your shower, we can do the quick math of people who really care about what you care about and by donating just $10- $15 towards your Birth Story- you have it!

It is more than a thought. It is actual gift giving that works and a product that keeps giving- back to you and your baby.

My vimeo gets a little crazy at the end. Forgive me. I am so invested in getting Birth Stories to mamas, that I warp Mini Maternity sessions right into my service for no extra cost. So if you want to explore this more- let’s not wait. Let’s do something epic for your maternity session and get your Birth Story documented!

Missoula Birth Photographer

Missoula Birth Photographer. Specializing in intimate, transformative journeys earth side. As seen on Birth Becomes Her & Natural Parent Magazine.

Current 2017 Birth Story Investment ~ 690

Presentation, ordering & birth debriefing to follow at 4 weeks.

Tangible & Digital product to choose from

~ Half Story Digital files, Full Story Digital files, Leather Wrap Keepsake Album,

Linen Layflat Keepsake Album, Linen archive box with 20 Fine Art Prints!